Real Estate Houses in Guam by the Construction Buildup

The overall real estate market there in Guam is expected to reach at least $300 million. The sales all went down last year but with the help of the construction build up, the sales grow eventually. Last 2009, a home like single- family house were almost $200,000. However, there still exist specific restrictions towards the ownership of foreign property.

The people there in Guam is actually U.S citizens, Guam is also a U.S territory. The people who are not residing in U.S and have not applied for the green card is only allowed to purchase one condo unit or house with their names on it and the occupy it by themselves. This construction build up is actually a kind of agreement between the U.S and Japan for them to relocate around 8,000 marines from U.S as well as their dependent from Okinawa.

This instance will cause a very big construction and infrastructure opportunities there in Guam since the people living there will grow by 20%. Therefore, this means that more houses will be needed or even infrastructures like the hospitals, the bridges or the roads, shopping malls and other places.  In Guam, there is actually a huge rental markets, almost half of the housing projects there are occupied by the renters. Guam is not actually bound for the seasonal restriction like tourist destinations; hence the number of infrastructures available for renting will be just there all around the year.

Most of the real estate guam rental places are actually located in the north of Guam as well as in the center area. The following are just some of the construction build up that occurs in Guam: living quarters, barrack for the worker, a lot of hospitals, bridges and roadways and even more school to study. To those people who are working in the construction will actually have a very great opportunity made available for them.

The jobs that are offered in the construction will not really require any kind of security clearance which can be done by most of the civilians. Check out for more info about real estate.

All of the infrastructures in Guam will be needed to be rebuilt and also, some expansions need to be made. Some of the job opportunities in Guam are the following: engineers, security guards, office staffs, operators of heavy equipment, medical workers as well as the communication specialist or the IT experts. To those people who are involved in the buy and sell kind of business, you are the ones who can really benefit in the construction build up. Buy homes for sale in guam here!